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Music & Change

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Hello friends, I am very happy to introduce my new project Music & Change. In this adventure I am accompanied by some of my favourites musicians:

Vinnie Colaiuta on drums, Moisés P. Sánchez on piano, Damian Erskine on bass and Raquel Molina on vocals.


Music & Change


 I want to add that neither music nor art is a "product". I understand art as the manifestation, through beauty, of the universe that inhabits each human being and beyond. As an expression of wisdom; of the fascination and mystery of life. As an energy of evolution, an essential change, individual and collective. In this work I have tried to be faithful to those values, beyond labels and genres.


That energy now flows to you in the form of music. I hope in that flight our souls and those of all humanity can embrace.


To all, THANK YOU !!!

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Why fate put this book

in your hands

“... Chema is open to us, through these pages, to that rainbow of existential states which necessarily roam free for all to exist without living is not an option spirits. Through unquestionable and original narrative wisdom, touch us with images of hope, shakes us human restlessness, moves us and impels us into poetic and unavoidable exhortations to live from a new and deep presence that, step by step and scratch a scratch on the veil of everyday life, it will help us to feel the obvious, genuine and immutable truth that quenches the thirst of the spirit......"


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Por que el destino puso este libro en tus manos - Cuentos y relatos para el despertar - Chema Vilchez

¡Introducing NEW BOOK!


Land of the Three Cultures

Flamenco Jazz

With the title "Land of the Three Cultures", the guitarist- composer Chema Vilchez presents the new recording project and tour, an amalgam of different styles and current musical languages: jazz, flamenco and world music. In it, the contemporary jazz harmonies come together with the particular sound of the flamenco guitar and oriental percussion.


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Guitar and bass lessons

Yoga for musicians

Chema Vilchez resumes teaching through lessons, master classes and seminars. Currently you can study with Chema Vilchez all essential foundations to become a guitarist, both professional and amateur. The number of students is limited.


Do not hesitate to contact us to study with Chema and to get maximum progress.


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Develop creativity, learning ability, concentration, physical/ mental agility, the connection with ourselves. Eliminate anxiety, stress, stage fright, nervousness, creative blocks, insecurity, frustration ...


We have developed a program of Yoga, Pilates techniques, breathing and relaxation to cope effectively with any of these obstacles, you will develop your abilities to the fullest and enjoy music like never before.


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